About Me

HI! Welcome to my Blog!

I am a certified personal trainer, through the National Academy of Sports Medcine(NASM) It is my goal to help you transform your life into a healthier lifestyle I hope to motivate you, and inspire you whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or you’ve been on it for awhile, finding a balance and overcoming body image issues to lead a comfortable life. Confidence comes with being comfortable in your own skin, it isn’t always an easy task, but I want to help you and show you how strong you are!

My ultimate goal for creating a Blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel is to encourage,and motivate you, you’re not alone on this journey! Do Not compare yourself to others, you only need to compare yourself to who you were yesterday!
A little more about me. I am 22. I am from Texas. I work full time in a veterinary clinic, and part time as a personal trainer. I am getting my degree in Kinesiology to further my knowledge and better help others! I played volleyball from grade school until high school, after I graduated I turned into a cardio bunny, and was skinny fat, I wasn’t happy with my body, I remember trying fad diets, cleanses and pills, nothing worked, all I knew was do more cardio, it wasn’t until 2014 when I joined my first gym, and really got serious about weightlifting, I want to show women that weightlifting, does not make you bulky, it actually gives you the “toned” look, so join me and Lets Work Out Together!!



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