Cinnamon Raisin Overnight Oats

1 almost empty peanut butter jar
1/3 Cup of oats
1/2 Scoop protein powder
1/3 Cup unsweetened almond milk
2 Tsp. Cinnamon
1 ½ Tbsp. Raisins
Stevia to your liking
Mix everything in the jar or shake it together, then place in refrigerator overnight.

No Bake Peanut Butter Brownies

Chocolate Brownie icingRecipesIngredients
½ cup chopped walnuts and ½ cup of chopped pecans. (Any nut will work.)
½ cup of maple syrup. TIP ( I use Walden Farms sugar free.)
2/3 cup coconut oil
1 cup of peanut butter.
½ tsp of vanilla extract.
½ cup of almond flour.

1-¼ cup dark chocolate chips.
1Tbs coconut oil
Line a 8×8 pan with parchment paper. In a saucepan over low heat, add coconut oil, peanut butter, syrup, and vanilla. Stir until combined. Remove from heat add chopped nuts, and flour. Pour into baking pan, then place in freezer for about half an hour. Melt coconut oil and chocolate chips over low heat, continuously stirring. Remove baking pan from freezer then pour your oil, and chocolate chips mixture over the brownie mix, then freeze for another hour.

About Me

HI! Welcome to my Blog!

I am a certified personal trainer, through the National Academy of Sports Medcine(NASM) It is my goal to help you transform your life into a healthier lifestyle I hope to motivate you, and inspire you whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or you’ve been on it for awhile, finding a balance and overcoming body image issues to lead a comfortable life. Confidence comes with being comfortable in your own skin, it isn’t always an easy task, but I want to help you and show you how strong you are!

My ultimate goal for creating a Blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel is to encourage,and motivate you, you’re not alone on this journey! Do Not compare yourself to others, you only need to compare yourself to who you were yesterday!
A little more about me. I am 22. I am from Texas. I work full time in a veterinary clinic, and part time as a personal trainer. I am getting my degree in Kinesiology to further my knowledge and better help others! I played volleyball from grade school until high school, after I graduated I turned into a cardio bunny, and was skinny fat, I wasn’t happy with my body, I remember trying fad diets, cleanses and pills, nothing worked, all I knew was do more cardio, it wasn’t until 2014 when I joined my first gym, and really got serious about weightlifting, I want to show women that weightlifting, does not make you bulky, it actually gives you the “toned” look, so join me and Lets Work Out Together!!


11 weeks out from my first bikini show

Goodmorning! I have been preparing for my show four about 16weeks, but I didn’t officially start my diet until 12weeks, I spent the 5weeks before my official diet to get my body use to cutting out processed food, sugar, and eliminating most sugar free items from my diet, I am so happy I did this, it has made my prep so much easier!! I ate dairy all the up until 12weeks. I am lactose intolerant so the only dairy I did consume was in my whey protein, and cottage cheese, I have eliminated the cottage cheese, I feel alot better and do not bloat or have the cramps anymore. I will post my diet below. I did buy a meal plan, because nutrition isn’t my strongest suit. So, my diet right now looks like this.
Meal 1. 2Eggs. Whey protein shake. 1 cup Almond milk(For my coffee)
Meal 2. Whey protein shake OR 4oz lean meat. 1Rice cake.
Meal 3. 4oz. Tilipia 4oz Broccoli, 4oz Zucchini, 4oz Sweet potato, 1Tbsp PB
Meal 4. 1/2 Cup brown rice. 1Can of tuna.
Meal 5. 1/2 cup of berries. 1Rice cake. 1Tbsp PB. 1 scoop of whey protein.
Meal 6. 1Tbsp PB. 4oz Broccoli. 2Cups of raw spinach. 2Eggs. 2EggWhites.
CLA. 3x a day. Morning. Afternoon. Night.
Amino Complex-Vitamin

I will be following this diet for the next 2 weeks, then I’m going to be getting a new diet from my nutritionist. I really like how this diet is so easy to follow, it has made my meal prep so much quicker!! The only hard thing about it is getting in every meal at work, haha I work in a vet clinic and we stay very busy, I’m the girl shoving in my tuna and rice cakes really quick to get back to work. haha
Now onto my workout routine.
I am a certified personal trainer, certified through NASM, so I am writing out all of my own workouts, I am lifting very heavy, I do not want to lose any mass at all, I’m trying to get my left leg to catch up to my right leg, its very frustrating how I can clearly see the difference in size.. The positive side to this, is I’ve been doing alot of single leg work, and it has made progress, definitely not where I want to be, but I have 11weeks, to go!! I am doing plyometrics for my cardio 3x a week! Which means 2 days a week I have a double workout, which isn’t too bad considering alot of competitors do cardio everyday along with their training, NO Thank you! I spend 1.5hours at the gym a day I go around 6:00pm after I get off work. That hour and a half is warm up, routine, and stretching/cool down. Tuesday, and Saturday are the 2 days that I do my plyometrics along with my workout. So, here is the split I am following right now.
Mon: Shoulders/Triceps
Tues: Leg Day-Quad/Glute. PM Plyometrics
Wed: Back/Biceps
Thurs: Plyometrics
Fri: Chest/Abs/Biceps
Sat: Legday-Hamstring/Glute-PM Plyometrics
Sun: Stretch

Posing: Very tough. I’ve been googling so much tips, and watching alot of YouTube. As I get closer to the show I will pay for some one on one posing sessions. Until then I will just keep practicing on my own time!

Follow my Instagram @sarahcook94 for The actual workout Routine, I’ll be posting it with my progress pictures.
Stay tuned for more of my prep!!! Tuesday I’ll be getting my suit, I’ll be sure to post pictures!! 2.14.2016
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A Little bit of information on IIFYM

So this is a big topic there is so much info about this on the web. Especially Instagram #iifym.
So what is iifym??? A diet?? Calorie counting?? Well, Yes, and No.
What you may not realize is everyone is on a diet, its the food you eat everyday. Calorie counting? In a sense. Its not eating cookies, and poptarts, all day. Its science approach to hitting your protein, carb and fat intake.
If you’re reading this and you’re not a robot, we all need a certain amount of calories our bodies need a day. If you go over that amount just by a little everyday it adds up. You will gain weight
(Not always a bad thing, when doing strength training or exercise, it will lead to muscle gain, Yes please!)
If you go under you will lose weight, but going severely under your calorie intake for long term will cause medical issues and you will run into metabolic damage.
IIFYM is about hitting your Protein, carbs, and fats. Its not really about eating X amount of Calories. With that being said you should stay within a specific caloric intake. Without focusing on just hitting your say “2,000 calorie limit”, and eating a high amount of empty calories. When I first began thats what I did, I would “calorie count” thinking I was doing IIFYM, but my fat would be WAY over, and my carbs, and protein were always lagging behind.
IIFYM is about fixing your relationship with “BAD” foods, and teaches you not to label food good or bad. Eat whatever you want to eat as long as you stay within your own required calorie/macro intake for the day.
Everyone is different, different metabolisms, different muscle mass and hundreds other things that set us apart from one another. This is where IIFYM comes into play. It looks at every person individually, looks at your activity level, and goals, with a made up stat of 95% certainty of how many calories to eat.
You can eat anything, whenever, morning or night
IIFYM is about hitting your Macronutrients, and Micronutrients.
Eat the foods you love, stay within your own personal macro nutrient range and burn fat without depriving yourself or feeling guilty for eating “Junk Food”
Look at food either Nutrient dense or Empty calories(Meaning it gives you energy just doesn’t really hit nutrients-Micros)
IIFYM is based on Science, a 15% reduction in calories is all that is needed to make your body a fat burning furnace.
I highly recommend starting IIFYM if you have a bad relationship with food.
That is the basic idea behind IIFYM
A lil about my experience with IIFYM
To get started download a calorie counting app, I use My Fitness Pal, Google IIFYM Calculator, figure out your TDEE and start tracking, I use the basic settings on my Fitness pal, then use the custom settings, and play with the numbers, the goal is to eat as much as you can while still achieving your goals, some do better with higher carbs, others need to lower their carb intake, so play with it, have fun, and say goodbye to feeling guilty about eating certain foods.I get real excited with this, because nothing is off limits. Before IIFYM I would actually under eat(unintentionally) I have been adding calories and losing weight, so I had to keep upping my intake, some days its hard to eat it all(What a problem, right??;), thats where poptarts or whatever you want comes into play!
Since starting IIFYM my energy level, and muscle strength has thrived! SO happy if you have questions leave comments below! I’ll be making a YouTube soon, to post workout videos, follow my instagram! @Sarahcookfitness

Reverse Dieting/Post Competition

Reverse dieting is starting from a low calorie diet and slowly adding back calories, to get back to your calorie maintenance level. This form of dieting is usually done after being on prep for a show, or recovering from an eating disorder. This diet sounds easy, but it will test your patience. If you stay consistent and remain patient, the results are very rewarding.

I personally did a reverse diet after my first bikini show. I had already planned to do a reverse diet before I had even competed in the show, I did alot of research on competition diets, and the post competition weight gain. Weight gain is normal, but gaining 20 pounds or more within weeks is not healthy, and it leads some to a depressed state of mind. Maintaining a stage body fat percentage is not sustainable for most people and can also to an unhealthy relationship with food.
To begin a reverse diet the first step is to have a plan, since you’re reading this you’re already in this phase. Get a calendar, use my fitness pal, or just a notebook and pen will do; and keep track of everything you’re eating, and how much cardio you’re preforming, keep your weightlifting the same. Cardio goes hand and hand with your macro intake. You cannot just drop cardio and expect your body to just adapt, so just like upping your calories, you will decrease your cardio.
What I did, my first week of the reverse diet, I started my calorie intake at the same amount I had before peak week, while keeping my meals about the same, but adding back little things I had to cut for prep. I continued to do my fasted cardio for the first week, while shaving away about 5mins off the time I spent preforming it. The next week, I added back more carbs, I ate a majority of my carbs in the morning, and before my evening workout. I cut fasted cardio down to 3 days per week, and cut my post workout cardio down to 15mins each session, I was doing about 3 sessions per week after weightlifting. I continued this process for about 8 weeks, of course I had set backs, and I had days(Yes days…) where I went on a binge, and questioned myself why am I even doing this, but I did not let that keep me down. I kept reminding myself I am in control, and I want to get my metabolism back up to speed. I was happy with how my body was responding to less cardio, and more food, alas! my reverse diet was finished, and I was ready to start building more muscle, and hitting new PRs again in my deadlift, and squat.
After 2 months of reverse dieting, I am in a lean bulking phase. I call it a lean bulk, because I have upped my calories above maintenance to build muscle. You cannot build muscle in a calorie deficit. I am halfway tracking my macros, but nothing serious, just making sure I am not under eating since I am trying to gain. I have tracked for quite awhile, and I am pretty aware of what 4 ounces looks like, I am trying to transition into intuitive eating, and listening to my body. I feel my best when I meal prep, I eat 6 meals a day this helps me not want to binge eat, also it keeps my energy level high, I will eat random things throughout the day in addition to the meals, and snacks that I prepped. I am working on not over indulging, I am almost convinced my stomach is a bottomless pit, its like I don’t get full, so intuitive eating is a challenge!
Using iifym is definitely what I fall back on when I really want to shape my physique, and have a shredded 6 pack. I don’t really care about that right now, my goals are to continue getting stronger, enjoying life, and balancing my nutrition. I love how I feel when I eat more nutrient dense food, but if I want a cookie, I am going to eat a cookie, and not worry about it.
Comment below if you have any questions on reverse dieting!